Head Teacher: Mrs A Cook

Depute Head Teachers: Mrs E Page and Mrs L Thomson

Nursery Team – Teachers: Miss D Cunliffe and Mrs G Fairlie
Senior Early Years Practitioner : Ms K Gammack, Early Years Practitioners: Mrs T Reid, Mrs S Innes, Mrs A Christie, Mrs P Robertson,  Ms F Sangster,  Miss N Burnett
Primary 1 (Room 3) Class teacher: Miss W. Bruce
Primary 1 (Room 4) Class teacher: Mrs S Blair and Mrs H Tait
Primary 1 (Room 5) Class teacher: Miss B Williams
Primary 2 (Room 9) Class teacher: Miss J Linton
Primary 2 (Room 9a) Class teacher: Ms D Munro
Primary 3 (Room 8) Class teacher: Ms L McGlashan
Primary 3 (Room 10) Class teacher: Mrs M Lawman and Mrs H Tait
Primary 4 (Room 7) Class teacher: Miss L Thomson
Primary 4 (Room 11) Class teacher: Mrs McAndrew
Primary 5 (Room 12) Class teacher: Miss L Clark
Primary 5 (Room 17) Class teacher: Miss I Clarke
Primary 5/6 (Room 18) Class Teacher: Mr R McKenzie and Mrs F Strang
Primary 6 (Room 15) Class teacher: Miss C Blackman
Primary 7 (Room 16) Class teacher: Miss S Roy
Primary 7 (Room 14) Class teacher: Mrs F Strang and Mrs E Page

Inclusion Room Teacher: Mrs G Matheson
Nurture Room Teacher: Mrs F Humphries

Literacy Support: Mr S Ellis
MLPS/RME: Mrs H Tait
Science: Miss D Davidson

School Administrator – Mrs J McPherson
School Support Assistant – Mrs C McGuigan

Janitor – Mr A Mitchell
Pupil Support Assistants –
Ms D Massie
Mrs G Leputa
Mrs S Tawse
Ms S Murphy
Ms F Henderson
Ms H Mathieson
Mrs M Addison
Mrs G Ritchie
Mrs G Mutch
Mrs P Cormack
Mrs A Thomson
Miss J Davies


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