Room 11 Class News

Room 11 are currently learning about the human body in their cross-curricular topic. The children have been learning all about the bones and major organs in the body. They are currently learning about the digestive system and have carried out an experiment to show the process.   

  Within this term they will also learn about healthy eating and its importance. We have a health week coming up which will allow us to look at this area in depth.

During literacy, the children have been working hard at their reading of non-fiction texts. They have been developing different skills, for example they can find the main idea. They are beginning to apply their new skills to different areas of the curriculum.

Room 11 are focusing this term on fractions in maths. They are all enthusiastic and engaged in the fun maths games and activities.

The children are enthusiastic about our RME topic on Islam. They have been learning about how Islams prepare for prayer. They have enjoyed acting out the steps and creating posters/leaflets to inform other how to do it.

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