Room 14 – Class News

It has been a very busy term so far for the boys and girls in Room 14.

Those who went to Abernethy had a fantastic time, experiencing a range of activities that were definitely not for the faint hearted! I was very impressed by their willingness and stamina. The children who stayed in school also had a great time participating in a range of activities, including trying out new sports and the great cookie challenge.

We have been rejoined by our student teacher Miss Roper who will have the opportunity to take the children for a range of group and whole class lessons. The children are enjoying having her in the class.

The transition process has begun and the P7’s have started to experience what life might be like at Academy. We had a visit from Mrs Dobson, a guidance teacher from St Machar Academy, who tried to make the children feel at ease over any worries they had about their impending visits. The most popular worry being getting their heads flushed down the toilet, which Mrs Dobson assured never happened! Recently, the children went on a maths problem solving afternoon at the Academy to give them their first taster.  

      The children have expressed excitement at moving on and are looking forward to seeing what their June visits have in store for them.

Our final 6 weeks of school are set to be very busy and we hope to update you soon on dates for our prom and other P7 events!

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