Room 12, Jamie’s Italian Visit

Last week we took a class trip to a restaurant -Jamie’s Italian on Union Street.  In class we have been looking at healthy eating so we were very lucky to get to see how a real restaurant works.

We were looked after by Anna one of the managers.  She talked to us about the history of the building and the story behind Jamie Oliver restaurants.  We tasted their homemade lemonade, which woke up our tastebuds!

Johan the chef then showed us how to make bread.  We all made a small ciabatta which we took home to enjoy.  He then introduced us to lots of interesting vegetables which we tasted, he impressed us with his knife skills.

We rounded off the visit with some delicious pasta and salads, we enjoyed the feast! 


Paul gets into a sticky mess!         

  Baking boys,hard at work. 

    Johan the chef demonstrates how to make bread.


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