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Today,as part of our Celts and Romans topic, P4 took part in a morning of workshops based on the technologies of the Iron Age.


It was an exciting start as we went out to the playground to watch a demonstration on how the Celts made fire. We looked at the different tools they would have used in the process, eventually discovering that iron was the fastest way to cause sparks.

fire 2 firefire 3

Next, there was the opportunity to try out different activities that would have been completed in the daily lives of Celts and Romans,

The boys and girls had a go at willow weaving which the Celts would have used to make the walls of their roundhouse and for fences that would keep their animals secure. It was quite tricky to begin with but we soon got the hang of it!

weaving 1 weaving 2 weaving 3weaving 4

There was the opportunity to drill holes, using ancient techniques, into small pieces of wood that we turned into Celtic necklaces. This was probably the most tricky activity but we certainly enjoyed it!

necklacesgrind 1drilldrill 1

Using clay we created our own pots.

clay 2 clay 3 clay pots

Finally we had the opportunity to grind grain to try and create our own flour. It was very messy and tiring work!

grind 2 grind 3 grind 4 grinding

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