Our Christmas Performance

imageHi my name is Lucas and my name is Jordan. We are both in Primary 6 in Room 18. Next week is our Whole School Christmas performances on the 15th and 16th of December. Our class has been practising extremely hard to learn our two songs. The songs we are  singing  are We Have Found Him and Merry Christmas Everyone.

To start the show the Primary 5s are singing

Because It’s Christmas and Days of days

After that the Primary 4s are singing

Christmas Hit and Glory to God.

Next Primary 3 with

Angles Told of the Coming  Kings and Something Happened to the Light

Then it will be time for the Primary 1 Nativity who are singing Bumping Up and Down on  Camel (they have some great actions) and Knock on Another Door.

Primary 2s  are Singing Rock a Bye Jesus and also Having a party.

Then it’s our two classes turn! We have practicing hard to remember everything especially smiling!!

Lastly the Primary 7s are singing Hope of Heaven  and All I want for Christmas is you.

To finish the whole school is going to squeeze into the hall to sing All around the World!

We Hope to see you at our Christmas Performance and We wish you a very Merry Christmas


Jordan C and Lucas.

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