Quids In Scots Through Drama

IMG_0183 IMG_0176Last week at Woodside School was different, Quids in theatre group came to teach some Scots through drama,it was really exciting. We started to focus on “Geordies Mingin Medicine”. On Monday we started some really fun miming, making a medicine machine with an underscore.Later on in the week we started to practise a Bothy Ballad. A Bothy Ballad is a song that gets passed down the family for generations.We learned a Bothy Ballad about “Geordie’s Mingin Medicine” or in translation “George’s Marvelous Medicine”.On Friday we performed our play to the whole School.Primary 5-6 did the “Geordie’s Mingin Medicine”,Primary 3-4 did “The Wee Book o Fairy Tales”. My favourite performance was “The Three Wee Piggies”.

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