Learning in Room 17 Term 4

Personal reading is hugely important and to promote this we have all been participating in a Reading Miles Challenge. To do this we are reading our way around the world – every 10 minutes of reading equates to 500 miles. We are showing our progress on a special reading passport.  


Congratulations to Kuba, Brandon, Jayden and Raymond who have amazingly already completed the challenge! There was a special mention in the Good News book at assembly a few weeks ago and the boys also received a certificate.
The Magic Castle is our project this term. We are delving into the fantasy and magic that surrounds a castle such as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. We are transforming our classroom into the Great Hall with panelling and portraits.   

   We have also been using our class iPad sessions to research the different parts of Hogwarts and used this information to create our own castle maps and plans.

We are also building Hogwarts using Lego. We will develop our learning of castles and within our writing and maths. Lots of exciting learning happening and watch out for any owl post with invitations to visit our classroom and experience our learning!
   During the first week of June the whole school will be involved in a Health Week with many exciting, healthy and active activities planned. We are organising a Sponsored Mile event to involve the school school in fund raising. We are also keeping our fingers crossed for a sunshine on Friday 5th for our Sports Day. We hope you can come along and cheer us on!

Artist Visit

Our class won a workshop with artist Katarina Chomova as we had been one of the first schools in Aberdeen to register for a competition being run by the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. Our brief was to create aT-shirt  design which showed all the different elements of the festival – music, theatre, dance and art. We also had to show that this is an international festival. Fingers crossed that one of our designs is picked and is created into the official festival T -shirt.











Garden Play!

The children love outdoor play and there is always lots of different activities going on. The girls made the teepee into their own little house where they were cooking tea! Lucas and Monique were building buddies. They made a little bed for the dog.