Room 16 Primary 7 – Macbeth

Room 16 have been working really hard on their Macbeth project this term. We have used our skills and knowledge to critically analyse elements of the play which has been tricky, but we have very much enjoyed it! We spent a lot of time in the first few weeks of term re-writing the story into a modern English script and we have been working very hard to learn all of our lines. We decided to add music to the play to give it a musical twist! 

We will perform our play in term 2 to our friends and family. More details will follow next term.

P6 – transition events with St Machar

We have been very lucky this term in that we have been down to St Machar on two occasions for different transition events.

Our first visit in early November allowed us to see around different areas of the school and we got to take part in some really interesting activities that we could possibly do when it is our turn to go to secondary school. Some of the activities we took part in included cooking in Home Economics, playing the drums in Music and exploring the outdoors.

We have also been to St Machar for a second time this term for Basketball activities in the PE department. A great time was had by all!


Room 16 Space and the Solar System 

This term, Primary 6 have been learning about Space and the Solar System. We have been researching and learning lots of facts about the planets and we have been really enjoying our learning so far!

After the holidays, we are going to be performing our class assembly to the rest of Primary 4-7 and so we have been working very hard to prepare. We have been writing our script in our smaller “planet teams”, using the iPads to help us research. We have also been working in our teams to create paper mâché versions of the planets that we are going to use as props in our assembly.

Earlier in the term, we were learning about the first moon landing and the impact this had on the world. Using our new knowledge, we wrote very interesting reports full of facts and figures.

Room 16 – Co-operative Learning “Much Ado About Nothing” team challenge

We have been very busy this term as we have been asked to be the official marketing team for Room 14’s performance of “Much Ado About Nothing”. We decided that we were going to make posters, flyers, trailers, programmes and banners advertising the performance in the hope of getting as many people to come along as possible!

We have seven co-operative learning home groups in our class and each team has a different name. We worked in our teams to make posters to advertise “Much Ado About Nothing”. We had to include lots of important information and make our posters look appealing. Here are some photos of the finished posters.

We hope Room 14 like them!


Primary 7 Shakespeare performance – “Much Ado About Nothing”

The Woodside Primary 7’s of room 14 are putting on a William Shakespeare performance alongside two other schools. We would like to invite you to see “Much Ado About Nothing”. It is for one night only so get your tickets now! You can book tickets by calling the box office on 01224 641122 or by visiting,—thursday-29–friday-30-october-132-c.asp

Come and make the performance a night to remember! On Friday 30th October 2015 at the ACT Aberdeen for 7pm.

Hope to see lots of people there!

Learning in Room 10 Term 4

Room 10 have a very busy term 4 ahead after a successful term 3! We are delighted that we managed to raise £177, working alongside Room 8, at our Fairtrade Cafe and we would like to thank all of the Primary 3 friends and family that came along to support us. The children of Room 10 and Room 8 decided to donate the money to the Archie in Africa foundation that the whole school supported last term.
In Term 4, we have two different projects that we are focussing on related to both the Sea and Seashore and the Weather. The children are very keen on these projects and they have been very busy doing lots of online research and note-making on these topics, both in class and in their own time. The children have been actively encouraged to gain as many opportunities as possible to watch, read or listen to weather reports outside of school to recognise the different features of a weather report, with the aim to the children writing and presenting their own weather reports to the rest of the class at the end of the term. Recently, the children have been very creative and have been turning our classroom wall into a beautiful sea full of exciting sea creatures, such as seahorses, crabs and a giant octopus! We are hoping to plan a school trip related to our project and we will let you know more about this when plans are set.

We have several slots in our timetable across the week when we have P.E, health hustle or basic moves. The children require to have a full P.E kit for these activities – shorts/jogging bottoms, a plain t-shirt (football strips are discouraged) and indoor gym shoes. Could we please ask that all children have an appropriate P.E kit with them every day in school so that they can participate fully in physical activities. With sports day approaching this term, we would like to ensure that all children have the appropriate kit.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year.