P4-7 Reading Workshop

On Friday we had a very successful Reading Workshop. Parents were invited into school to learn more about how we teach reading in Primaries 4-7. The parents were given an overview of the work we do in classes and were able to watch a video showing a P5 class reading with their teacher.
The workshop finished with a practical session, where children from each primary came into the hall to show the parents what they do in class and invite the parents to take part in the lesson. It was wonderful to hear so much great discussion between the parents and the children.
All the handouts, videos and information from the workshop have now been loaded onto the website for those parents who were unable to attend the session.











Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens

Our group is the apples we have been reading Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens by Alex Mc Call.The story was about Giant Robot chickens attacking the city of Aberdeen,Jesse is the main character who hatches a plot with Rayna to stop the invasion of the chickens.

The book contained alot of humour including chicken jokes !This book was great because it was set in places we knew.It mentioned Clifton Road where our school is.

We tweeted about the book and the author Alex Mcall tweeted back. We were really excited that he liked our tweet!

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